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Queer Out Here

An audio zine that explores the outdoors from queer perspectives.

It bring together stories and soundscapes from around the world to hear how queerness intersects with and influences people’s experiences of outdoor spaces and activities.

Why We Ride?

Why would anyone travel by bicycle when we have planes, trains, and cars? They allow us to go further, faster, and explore more with a limited amount of effort in a limited amount of time. So why choose to go slower, to sweat, and to travel less distance?

Explore some of the answers in this digital zine.


In early March 2016, I found myself in a deserted train station in Spain. At my feet lay my bike, wrapped in industrial size bin bags. Next to it, my four panniers rested in a line ready to be mounted on the racks. I stood, alone, in front of them, the reality of my journey slowly sinking in. Eventually I hooked the panniers to their rightful place. I got on the bike and pedalled away.

Passage is the story of that journey.

60 Minute Cities

10 tracks. 60 minutes. All field recordings.

60 Minute Cities is an ongoing project from Bivouac Recording that aims to capture the genius loci, the spirit of a place, in sounds.

Photos and words complement the sounds to reveal the character of a place as perceived by the recordist. The result is an immersion into a personal city, a place experienced through the subjective ears of the artist.