Queer Out Here

Queer Out Here

An audio zine that explores the outdoors from queer perspectives

Back in 2017 my friend Jonathan and I grew increasingly frustrated at not being able to find media focusing on queer people’s experiences of the outdoors. There were a lot of features and one off articles but no audio-visual channels that collated stories about LGBTQIA+  people and their outdoors experiences in one place. So we decided that if we really wanted to listen to a variety of stories about the outdoors from queer perspectives, we should start to collect them ourselves.

As we are both sound nerds, we made the choice to collect more than stories and interviews, welcoming field recordings, poetry, music, research, reviews, sound art and more.

Opening a call for submissions twice a year, we crowdsource stories and soundscapes from around the world to hear how queerness intersects with and influences people’s experiences of outdoor spaces and activities.

You can find more about it on our website, including how to listen to all of the issues for free and how to contribute.

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