#LockdownDiary – One of many – Day 29

#LockdownDiary – One of many – Day 29

Day 29

I go running today.

I am surprised by the fact that I have not yet ditched the practice. The last five runs have been to the same places via the same routes. There is my street, then the grass verge, often narrow by the main road edge. I follow it until I reach the end of the nature reserve where I often have to wait to let pedestrians pass by. Once clear, I turn into a small street, jump on a roundabout, and enter the business estate near the warehousing estate where I work. I run around a few times, sometimes looping to my work to. I like to see the building still standing. White and blue paint with colourful photos of jolly holiday makers, I cannot helped but be comforted by the sight. I never stay there long. One loop to the back of the orange warehouse belonging to TNT and I’m off to see the ducks by the bright red offices of Virgin Media. But not today.

Today I remain in the business park of Willow House and Oak Building. I run up and down yellow painted stairs until I’m bored of them. I stop in a deserted parking lot bordering the motorway and pick up a rock. I lift it up and down, swing it left and right until the muscles in my arms hurt. I walk between two pavement edges stretching those aching muscles.

And I run again. I try every turn on my left, the ones on my right inexistent due to the motorway, and end up in many dead-ends. Occasionally I surprise a van driver, a lone office worker, or a passer-by. I turn around fast and disappear from their sight before they have time to say anything. Eventually I make it out, past the gleaming tower of the RAC, on the opposite pavement from a police officer, back across the roundabout, the small street, the nature reserve, the grass verge, and then my street. I am walking by now, my breathing even, my cheeks red.

I head for the shower and soothe sore muscles with warm water before sitting at my desk, staring at a screen.

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