Findings – Week 11

Findings - Week 11

Alternative Photography and Michel de Montaigne

One of my aim for 2020 is to be more conscious of the time I spend reading/listening/watching new (to me) creative projects. I want to actively make time for other people’s work and creativity in my life. One way of achieving this has been to be more focused with my time but as the year gets busier, I am going to to lose that focus. To combat this, I am going to publicly share a list of works I’ve been enjoying on a weekly basis.

Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography

After reading far too much about it, I have finally decided to try my hand at alternative photographic processes, namely lumen print (photogram) and soon anthotype and chemigrams.

A lot of the alternative photographic processes are as old as photography itself so there is a plethora of work out there. I will not single out any artists in today’s blog post but rather point you to the Victoria and Albert Museum webpage for their 2011 exhibition Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography.

If you get curious and want to learn more about alternative photographic processes, I highly recommend the Alternative Photography website.

Michel de Montaigne – On Solitude

Like many people, the classics never appealed to me in school. The language appeared obtuse and there was a layer of elitism attached to the titles of old. It is only in my early twenties that I opened the books gathering dust in my bookshelf and every time it has been a delightful discovery. The language is not as obtuse as I once thought and the texts and stories are still relevant. And so it is with this selection of essays from Michel de Montaigne. Sometimes very much of its time and cringe worthy, there is still plenty to be gained from his words.

I often paused during my reading to discuss the concepts Michel de Montaigne put on paper. The context of our lives may be widely different but the questions raised remain and are still worth exploring.

I enjoyed this small collection so much, I have added more of his work onto my ever growing reading list.

What have you been enjoying this week?

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