Findings – Week 09

Findings - Week 09

Suburbia and The Legend of Zelda

One of my aim for 2020 is to be more conscious of the time I spend reading/listening/watching new (to me) creative projects. I want to actively make time for other people’s work and creativity in my life. One way of achieving this has been to be more focused with my time but as the year gets busier, I am going to to lose that focus. To combat this, I am going to publicly share a list of works I’ve been enjoying on a weekly basis.

Deanna Dikeman – Suburbia

I have longed been fascinated with suburbia, the apparent sameness of it all, the perceived safety of the communities there, and the comfort in knowing what to expect when you enter suburbia.

The artist Deanna Dikeman shares this fascination and has set out to capture the suburbian environment in images. She explores the similarities but also the subtle differences that individuals bring to their patch of land.

You can explore her project here.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This isn’t exactly new to me. I have been playing this game for over two months but since lockdown began I have been playing it even more. I even managed to defeat the big bad boss somewhat unintentionally this past week. This is of little importance to me however.

The reason I have almost exclusively played this game for the last two months, and the reason why it keeps drawing me back time and time again during this lockdown period is the openness of the world. I have spent many hours wandering through fields, swimming in rivers, climbing mountains, and exploring villages for no other reason than I can. Trapped at home, this game has become a lifeline when I find myself yearning for a long walk. It is not the same as going for a walk but it relaxes me, the sounds of my footsteps through the grass and the birds all around reminding me of freer times, times that will come again.

And with only 30 percent of the game completed, I am far from having discovered all there is to see and do.

What have you been enjoying this week?

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