Findings – Week 06

Findings - Week 06

Kathleen Jamie and Al Brydon

One of my aim for 2020 is to be more conscious of the time I spend reading/listening/watching new (to me) creative projects. I want to actively make time for other people’s work and creativity in my life. One way of achieving this has been to be more focused with my time but as the year gets busier, I am going to to lose that focus. To combat this, I am going to publicly share a list of works I’ve been enjoying on a weekly basis.

Kathleen Jamie – The Tree House

Continuing on with my poetry streak, this week I read The Tree House by Kathleen Jamie. Every night before bed I read a poem or two, letting the words linger in the air.

Kathleen Jamie is both precise and magical. She observes the natural world around her and finds beauty and peace in it. Far from being removed or separate, the natural world weaves itself inside her life. Flowers bloom, birds sing, and she lives alongside it, remembering to call her father or enjoying a walk with her friends.

Al Brydon – Pantha Puncha

In this video, Al Brydon takes us on a multi-layered walk in the woods. The going is easy, slow and peaceful. But the woods carry secrets within. The atmosphere is laced with mythology and life unseen. From trees, to moss, and sheep skeletons, whispered echoes of long forgotten stories are all around.

What have you been enjoying this week?

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