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Field Recordist. Sound Artist. Writer. Microadventurer.


PassageQueer Out Here60 Minutes Cities: Bristol

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In early March 2016, I found myself in a deserted train station in Spain. At my feet lay my bike, wrapped in industrial size bin bags. Next to it, my four panniers rested in a line ready to be mounted on the racks. And I stood in front of them, the reality of my journey slowly sinking in. Eventually I hooked the panniers to their rightful place. I got on the bike and off I went.

Passage is the story of that journey. Read more.


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An audio zine that explores the outdoors from queer perspective. Read more.
Issue 00 and 01 are now available to download for free at


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60 Minute Cities is an ongoing project from Bivouac Recording, a series of albums that aim to capture the genius loci, the spirit of a place, in sounds.

10 tracks. 60 minutes. All field recordings.

In this album, I recorded my Bristol, the one that has engraved itself in my mind after nine months of living there. Read more.

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