In early March 2016, I found myself in a deserted train station in Spain. At my feet lay my bike, wrapped in industrial size bin bags. Next to it, my four panniers rested in a line ready to be mounted on the racks. I stood, alone, in front of them, the reality of my journey slowly sinking in. Eventually I hooked the panniers to their rightful place. I got on the bike and pedalled away.

Passage is the story of that journey.

A story in sounds, words, and photos. A story that has just began to be told.

In December 2017, I released an album recounting my experiences using the medium of sounds. You can find out more about it here.

Later, words and images will come, exploring some of the stories and realities I encountered along the way. To keep updated about this, you can follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter.

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