Allysse Riordan

Originally from Northern France, I relocated in the UK in the early 2010s where I discovered cycle touring and microadventures.

Before that I lived a pretty regular life, doing my time at university before finding a normal job. I wrote a bit but mostly watched far too much TV that led to creating fanfictions and podfics. Until one day, the Internet led me to the world of cycle touring and microadventures.

Curious, I gave it a try and one thing leading to another, I swapped TV for the outdoors, discovering a world I never thought existed outside of my front door. Eager to share my journeys, I began to write a blog which reunited me with my love of writing, and soon afterwards I discovered the world of field recording, pushing new boundaries in my creativity.

Ears open and pen at the ready, I am a wanderer and a creator.

Twitter : @allysseriordan
Instagram : @allysse.riordan
SoundCould : allysseriordan
Youtube : Allysse Riordan