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Most of my work can be found throughout this website. Occasionally though, my images, sounds, and words make their way to other publications.

LGBTQ faces - BTS

LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol

LGBTQ+ Faces of Bristol was founded in July 2020 by local Bristol photographer Karen Freer. The project aims to represent and empower the LGBTQ+ community in Bristol, by hosting photographic portraits on their website, as well as sharing across social media.

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Scenes of Life – How do I heal?

It is June now and I am sitting on an unfamiliar sofa in a rented space for a week’s holiday. My mind stopped its incessant racing, words bubbled inside of me, and here I am typing on a keyboard. I feel grounded as I hear the calls of bird I cannot see, the intermittent pattering of rain on the window, and the gentle music humming from the speakers. I am still, counted time left behind.