A new start

Welcome to my newly redesigned website, courtesy of Éli Vercollier.

In late 2018 I began to delete a lot of my online presence, selecting to keep only what I judged of value and went to work on this website.

The website is not an end in itself but a new home for a new way of creating. In the past, my output has often been immediate, almost like an exercise in creation. Write, photograph, record sounds. Do. Make. But an ingredient was missing and that was time. I rarely allowed myself the luxury of waiting, reflecting, and then creating.

There was an urge to present something. If I didn’t share my microadventures quickly, they would become irrelevant. If I didn’t post regular creations, I would become irrelevant. I needed to feed the Internet beast. But this left little time for more thought through work and experimentation.

While accounts of day trips and week-end gateaways are valuable, they are no longer what I want to share. I want to put more focus into my creative output, and this requires time.

Updates will be slow while I work on projects, giving them time to develop, breathe, and change.

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